A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

CODENAME: Determination is an online multiplayer Undertale fangame, inspired by afanguy's MYSTERYTALE ONLINE and RickyG's Don't Forget. It's currently in its alpha phase.

This game is no where near done, expect glitches. 

Have any questions? Opinions? Comments? Bugs to report? I'm more active on Discord! Join our server @ https://discord.gg/xeUmC3D!

What it has to offer!

  • A dedicated 20-player server!
  • Text-box-based chatting!
  • 3 weird goats that look like Asriel!
  • Your Discord friends will know you're playing this game! Only if you're on Windows though...
  • You can sign in with your Game Jolt token!
  • You can play by yourself!
  • I'm not sure anymore...


Windows 28 MB
Linux 43 MB
macOS 32 MB
Android 39 MB

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Sprites cant look up or down...

Can't launch the game



wasd and t to talk

I want to play it so badly!